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Charged with Driving While Intoxicated?

A DWI attorney in Bentonville, AR; Rogers, AR; Fayetteville, AR and the surrounding areas can handle your charges

Being arrested for DWI is a common occurrence in Bentonville, Rogers and the surrounding areas. If you've been accused of driving while intoxicated, you can turn to a DWI attorney from Bertucci Law Firm. You can rely on attorney Ramon Bertucci to draw from years of experience with DWI cases.

Meet with a DWI attorney today to discuss your case. We serve Bentonville, AR; Rogers, AR; Fayetteville, AR and the surrounding areas.

DWI cases are settled with more than just breathalyzer results

DWI cases often come down to small intricacies that many people wouldn't catch. That's why you need an experienced traffic ticket attorney from our team. We've taken on countless DWI cases and know the ins and outs of traffic law. Our goal is to help you avoid:

  • Losing your driving privileges
  • Paying excessive fines
  • Serving jail time

Even a first-offense DWI can land you in jail for up to a year. In some cases, you could even lose your driving privileges for life. It's important to hire a DWI attorney as quickly as possible. Contact our firm now to speak with attorney Bertucci about your situation.